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  • Handbuilding & Sculpture

    Handbuilding & Sculpture

    Come make a variety of projects as you learn to build with this versatile material. Clay is soft and can be molded with your hands into a wide variety of […]

  • Advanced Wheel Throwing

    Advanced Wheel Throwing

    This class is for advanced potters, who have taken numerous classes in pottery. Learn advanced techniques and tricks of the trade. The teacher will teach a variety of techniques from […]

  • All Levels Painting & Drawing

    All Levels Painting & Drawing

    There are many approaches to painting. The fundamentals or “elements” of art are a collection of foundational groundwork to take from in order to create the right approach for you. […]

  • Advanced Watercolor

    Advanced Watercolor

    So you’ve played with watercolors for a bit – now what? This class will concentrate on the individual watercolorist’s continuing journey in the medium, reviewing techniques such as the right […]

  • Watercolor Portraits

    Watercolor Portraits

    Discover the art of capturing the essence and unique beauty of people and animals.  Learn the fundamental techniques and principles of watercolor painting specifically tailored for portraiture.  Through a series […]

  • Mondays with Mireille

    Mondays with Mireille

    Learn from one of our greatest local art masters using either soft pastels or oil paint. In Oil painting, Mireille will teach how to compose, mix paint, soften edges, and […]