Art Studio Policies

Please keep studio clean.  Please make sure all countertops are cleaned as well as the floor at the end of each class or if you are working on your own in the art room.

  • NO FOOD IS ALLOWED INSIDE THE STUDIO. Students may eat in our lounge.  Bring beverages in containers with lids only.
  • Students are expected to clean tables, easels, chairs, and floor area at the end of each class.
  • Students can use the cleaning supplies provided such as sponges, broom, mop and vacuum.
  • Nontoxic paint thinner such as Turpenoid Natural can be used but must be taken home with you.  PLEASE DO NOT pour down drain or leave in trash.
  • Transport all solvents in glass jars to be disposed of properly at home.
  • No oil painting rags allowed or left inside studio.
  • No mineral spirits or turpentine allowed in the studio.
  • No spray paints or fixatives to be used inside the building anywhere.
  • If you use the table or coffee bar in the lounge during the time you are here, please clean up after yourself. Wipe down the table and counter, wash out any mugs with the dish soap (under the sink) in the art studio.  Please throw out any garbage in the lounge garbage can or recycling can.