Category: Pottery Classes

  • Handbuilding & Sculpture

    Handbuilding & Sculpture

    Come make a variety of projects as you learn to build with this versatile material. Clay is soft and can be molded with your hands into a wide variety of […]

  • Advanced Wheel Throwing

    Advanced Wheel Throwing

    This class is for advanced potters, who have taken numerous classes in pottery. Learn advanced techniques and tricks of the trade. The teacher will teach a variety of techniques from […]

  • Intermediate Wheel Throwing

    Intermediate Wheel Throwing

    Take your work to the next level in this class designed for students with a foundation in wheel throwing. Explore different forms and advanced techniques for creating and altering them. […]

  • Beginner Wheel Throwing

    Beginner Wheel Throwing

    Learn to create pottery on the wheel in this class for beginners. Master each step of making a finished pottery piece–from wedging clay, centering it on the wheel, and shaping […]