Summer Stained Glass

Wednesdays, 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm OR 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm  


Wednesdays, 3:30pm – 5:30pm* OR 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Summer 1: July 10th-July 31st
Summer 2: August 7th-August 28th
Instructor: Phoebe Katzin
*please note time change

This class will focus on the copper foil method of stained glass. Students will learn how to cut glass and, using a grinder, assemble a design. Once the glass is cut and ground to fit, you will learn how to apply copper foil around the edges. Finally, students will learn how to solder and use a zinc came to finish the edges and add hanging rings and patina their pieces. This class requires your own tools. The Studio has limited communal-sets of some tools that you can borrow during the class. Please see materials list for more info.

Summer Session

Summer Session

Pottery: July 7th – August 30th
Art Summer 1: July 8th – August 2nd
Art Summer 2: August 5th – August 30th

Summer Stained Glass (Both sessions):
Instructor Phoebe Katzin
3:30pm – 5:30pm*
or 6:00pm – 8:00pm
*Please note time change

To get early access to enrollment for the upcoming session, email [email protected]. Learn more about our early access list here.

Suggested Stained Glass Materials List

  • Glass cutter
    • I recommend Toyo pistol grip cutter. This is your most important tool, so I recommend students have a good one
  • Solder
  • Copper foil most commonly used is 7/32 black backed foil.
  • Glass fid
  • Railyard Arts Studio Has Some Supplies: (You may still want to buy your own eventually)
    • Running Pliers- Studio has 3 sets
    • Breaking pliers- Studio has 3 sets
    • Small grozers- Studio has 3 sets
    • Rails for keeping glass project straight and to size
    • Soldering iron- Studio has 3
    • Homasote board/ or cork board for assembling glass project Pattern sheers.- Studio has 12″x12″ cork boards
    • Safety Glasses- Studio has 3